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Ideas worth Sixty Grand at Camp MIKAL!

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Camp MIKAL 2017 Sept. 23-25 Cincinnati Airport Marriott Hotel and Conference Center


Are you ready to make an extra $69,750.00 from what you will learn at Camp MIKAL this September? Maybe you are satisfied with your sales and growth this year. If you are then Camp MIKAL may not be for you (except to fine tune systems and procedures).


But if you would like to find out how other salons and spas are using their MIKAL system to make some serious money this is the year to come to Camp!


A few examples:

Are you using the autopilot automatic unattended e-marketing system to send thank you, reminder, appointment confirms, and birthday e-mails every week? If MIKAL could get just 3 more clients in a week for a $40 service with this easy to set up and self running system you would make an extra $6000 this year.


Are you using the pop-up upsell system in the appointment book? If you could do one up-sell or add on a day at $15 you would make an extra $3750 this year.


Are you doing Just In Time appointment e-mail blasts to fill cancellations in the book? If you did this and filled one cancelled appointment a day you would make an extra $10,000 this year.


Do you use the Daily Activity Report to meet with your best clients each day to present them with a Friend of a friend gift certificate package? If your top 100 clients could get 100 best friends to become regulars spending an average of $500 a year you would make an extra $50,000 this year.


Just these ideas would generate an extra 69,7500.00 this year.


Plus there is more………………

Plus at Camp MIKAL you will also learn how to

- Organize and systematize for Inventory control savings

- More effective goal setting for increased sales and performance

- More efficient front desk procedures for better client service

- Marketing ideas from the other MIKAL users

And much more!


All this over $69,750.00 in money making ideas, better control and efficiency, and all for less than $300 for 3 days with meals and workbooks!


So are you ready to sign up?


Call MIKAL and get the date booked! 513-528-5100


Camp MIKAL New Seven Software and more!

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Camp MIKAL 2017  Saturday Sept. 23rd thru Monday Sept. 25th  Join your MIKAL team for the 32nd Annual Camp!


Camp MIKAL starts with advanced registration at 1pm Saturday Sept. 23 and a Boot Camp system review session from 2pm to 5pm and ends Saturday with a welcome mixer in our Resource room from 5pm to 7pm. Saturday you can get up to speed or review the basics with our trainers in a large class environment. You can dial into your salon/spa system during the class and check/update your information in real time. Many attendees say they learned more and really tailored the system to their needs during this class.


Sunday officially starts Camp MIKAL with registration and a buffet breakfast at 8am and Camp Kick-Off at 9am. In the Kick-off we will cover the new SEVEN software and all new Marketing and E-Marketing strategies that will increase sales and build retention. Classes will continue all day with special classes on Inventory control, Staffing with goal setting and payroll set up, Front Desk operations, and much more. Two classrooms will be running for your choice of topics. We will have a group lunch Sunday and classes till 5:00pm. At 5:30pm we will host a complementary party “Stop Wine-ing and Eat Some Cheeze!” with tons of networking, awards, and conversation. Everyone is on their own to explore Cincinnati for dinner.


Monday starts with a group continental breakfast and more classes and breakout sessions from 9am to 1pm. There is a box lunch provided and our Resource room will be open till 2pm for hands on work and any final questions.

CAMP MIKAL New Location Cincinnati Airport Marriott $ 109 a night  *** king or double***

In room frig, WIFI, safe, coffee maker, free parking / shuttle / Indoor pool /exercise room / Mobile check-in / Marriot Pts

Reservations 888-855-7741  Hotel direct  859-586-0166   MIKAL room block rate

Fly Frontier Airlines from Denver, San Francisco, Orlando, Phoenix, NYC, Philly round trip for about $200. Bangkok to Cinci only $828  BOOK TODAY!

Spruce Up the Salon for Spring!

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Spring Money Making Ideas

Now that winter is almost over and here in Cincinnati it will be SEVENTY degrees today!  (great isn’t it?)

So…..it’s time to get back down to business and get into the business of Spring. Now is the time to crank up the business of beauty.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you and your staff back down to business:

$ Get a staff meeting together and go over these (and your own) promo ideas. See what ideas generate the most excitement and appoint people and set dates for getting the projects going! Introduce JITA the just in time appointment feature of MIKAL to fill the book. Get EMBA for the staff and they can go CRAZY booking all over town on their smart phones.

$ Clean the salon/spa from top to bottom. Paint a few walls and make a few small changes. Move some plants and displays. Decorate for the season!

$ Have everyone get dressed up. I don’t mean formal but every winter people get a little casual. It’s time to change our look and the change should be professional and upscale. Have a staff party to get the excitement going!

$ Get into the Spring colors. Make sure your make up is right for the season and coordinates with your new look! Get the staff together for a make up session and new fashion review.

$ Start your Referral Contest May 1st and end it on August 1st . Pick your prizes, do your precontest mailing/e-mail September 3rd, and get the signs up in the salon/spa. Call us for a free 11 page Referral Contest planning book. How would 50-100 new customers sound in the next 60-90 days?

$ Get your front desk staff to commit to cleaning up the customer data base in the next 60 days. All of your regular customers will be in for the season. Run a list on your MIKAL system of all customers with Invalid addresses. The goal is to verify every customer’s address in the next 60 days. Check on the progress by running the Invalid Addresses report for all Last Visits in the last 7 days each week. The report should be blank every week if the front desk staff is cleaning up the list!

$ Get your Gift Cards on order NOW! Call Jenny at RACO Card 866-940-4676 for a free sample kit. Order the Gift Card option is MIKAL’s SMS software and ask for our free information pack on promoting gift cards. Gift Cards will make a huge difference in your sales over the old gift certificates. NOTE: beware of companies giving you gift cards for use with their Internet or bank card systems. The costs for the processing of the card every time it is swiped become a huge expense and if a customer loses their card there is no way to cancel that card and charge the balance up on a new card. Call us at MIKAL to make an informed decision. Also revisit a switch in credit card processors. X-Charge our credit card processing partner has a $100 Gift Card waiting for you to switch!

$ Increase your Nail service prices now just before the prom and summer seasons. This will give you an additional boost to your income and the customers are coming in for that popular service during the Spring season.

$ Sign up for the Autopilot Marketing system from MIKAL. The business can get hectic. Don’t let your marketing Spring by the wayside. Put it on autopilot, and make sure you stay busy when summer months roll around!

Fred Dengler


email us at [email protected]

Website: www.mikal-salon-software.com

Get tons of Google reviews!

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Google reviews get you more clients!


Are you getting the Google reviews you need to grow?


Did you know you can set up an easy link right in your MIKAL autopilot emails?


At the Success Club in Plantation Florida we will do a hands on workshop and set up your Google reviews link to all of your Automatic MIKAL emails.


Your clients will be able to click and review right from their thank you, reminder, referral, retail, and birthday emails that MIKAL sends out for you automatically.


So now you have automatic marketing to your clients and automatic reviews coming back!


Call today to reserve your space at our Success Club. 3 mornings of workshops, a tour of the largest salon in America, and more. Feb. 19-21, 2017 at the Contour Spa in Plantation Florida.



[email protected]


Nail industry stats - Interesting!

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Nail Industry Trends 2016 Nailpro Essentials issue.


I just finished studying the Nailpro survey for 2016 and there are some numbers and trends that jumped out at me. Be sure to read the entire issue, at the same time here are some of the key points as I see them.


Overall the nail industry is strong and at the same time it is changing. To capitalize on the growth nail techs and nail salons/departments need to evaluate how these changes can be leveraged in the business to grow.


First the independents accounted for 60% of the respondents in this survey and 34% were owners or employees. 6% were others….okay what ever that means.


The survey showed independents were independent because they felt they could make more money, set their own schedules, and have more control over their time and schedules. At MIKAL salons have surveyed clients and one of the big complaints about independents is that they don’t keep a set schedule and tend to move appointments to accommodate personal scheduling needs. Interesting….


Income showed 69% of independents earn under $550 a week. That tends to show that unless you are well established with a large client base being an independent to make more money is not realized.


The BIG FOUR in services are natural manicure 92% provide and charge $20 booking 34 minutes, Pedicure 89% provide and charge $33 booking 48 minutes, Nail art 84% provide and soak-off gel/gel polish 83% at $32 booking 55 minutes. The dollars per hour do not seem to correspond with the services times booked. Check your service times and make sure the time booked earns the dollars per hour desired.


Add-ons are a great way to increase the client ticket and satisfaction level (who does not like a paraffin treatments?) The average prices for paraffin $11, nail strengthener $10, anti-fungal $14 and callus softener $13. Are you taking advantage of these up sell opportunities and have them in your booking script and as a pop-up recommendation on your on-line booking?


The Customer Service portion of the survey was interesting. The techs complained about guests bringing companions, cell phone use, and lateness. The clients complained about the prices, waiting for service, sanitation and injury to the nails. A survey buy nail techs or salons to the clients using SurveyMonkey.com with questions on these topics would help each tech/salon concentrate on improving the client experience.


Overall the information is interesting and can be used to help highlight areas to look at in the business. Fred Dengler CEO MIKAL Corporation [email protected] 800-448-5420


Success Club hosted in Ft. Lauderdale at Contour Spa

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MIKAL Success Club goes to Ft. Lauderdale

I  know the weather is nice now but remember this event is in February....The MIKAL Success Club is a three day event, Feb. 19-21, 2017 Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday with the tour, workshops and meetings from 9am to 1pm. This format allows for afternoon networking and relaxation. The Success Club meeting is for owners and managers who want to make the most out of your MIKAL SIX system.

The theme for this Success Club is ALL ABOUT SUCCESS and will be an in depth review of three major areas of the System and Business Ideas: Marketing, Staffing, and Reporting with an in-depth day spent in each area. Call for a detailed seminar kit 513-528-5100. 

Plan on spending Feb. 19-12 in Plantation Fl. - Ft. Lauderdale area in 2017. We are hosting this very special MIKAL Success Club at the Contour Spa in their training center with a behind the scene spa tour, special Mikal classes, and 20% off on all Contour Spa services. Get new ideas, network, rejuvenate, relax, recharge your batteries! Stay next door at the Hampton Inn Plantation at a special rate. Classes and tours are 9am to 1pm each day, Sunday-Tuesday and the afternoon is yours to spa, swim, shop, play, network...

This is a meeting designed to merge system operations with management and marketing ideas that when combined will move your business forward. This MIKAL meeting starts Sunday Feb. 19 at 9am and ends Tuesday Feb. 21 at 1pm. Meetings are from 9am to 1pm each of the three days. Come in on Friday or Saturday before the meeting and unwind or stay an extra day to relax! The Hampton Inn Plantation is a 4.5 satisfaction rated hotel offering a rate of $189 per night. Register Saturday night from 5pm to 7pm with your MIKAL team in the Breakfast area. This is a business oriented hotel just across the parking lot from Contour Spa, our host location. The seminar is 14 minutes by cab from the Ft. Lauderdale airport and also offers free parking. The Sawgrass Mall and Las Olas are blocks away. You also have the whole Ft. Lauderdale experience! Call today to reserve your Earlie Birdie price and get $50 off 513-528-5100 [email protected] 

There is free full breakfast included with the room reservation, shuttle service to major attractions. Heated pool and whirlpool. High speed internet, business center and fitness center included in the room cost! Bring the family and work each morning then connect with them in the afternoon. Bring your management staff and make it a company retreat.  Bring your information and reports to use during the classes to compare your business to others in the industry. Get an individual evaluation of your reports by Fred Dengler to use during the class and a 2 page evaluation and management summary to take home with you. This evaluation is normally a $300 service and it is FREE to all salons and spas attending this Success Club. Call for the worksheets 513-528-5100

What could this Success Club be worth to you and your business?  

Call me for a Cost / Profit Justification and see what this three day experience can mean to your business! 

Plus - do you have the Employee Mobil App up and running? Are you doing Just In Time Appointments? Does Autopilot send your 5 critical e-mails and texts out automatically? Learn how at the Success Club.

Hampton Inn Plantation Mikal rate $189 per night contact Nesli Loren General Manager Hampton Inn by Hilton

p:954-382-4500 | f:954-382-4510 [email protected]

Call MIKAL for your registration package 513-528-5100 Earlie Birdie price is only $195 with your $50 coupon for the 3 day seminar with book, cd, free Wi-Fi, $100 software option coupon, evaluation. Early Birdie good till Dec. 2 or first 10 attendees to sign up. WOW call today!

Important Credit Card processing info!

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Our partners at MIKAL Corp have selected OpenEdge/XCharge as their preferred partner for your integrated merchant processing. Together, for your business, we have created a much more efficient credit card processing software saving you tremendously in cost and time.


Our features include:

A secure payment processing solution on a PCI compliant gateway We encrypt and secure all card holder data OpenEdge is free; we're already built into MIKAL Corp POS All processing integrated directly into MIKAL software Process payments on any computer in office/store/salon EMV compliant and certified All you do is swipe or key enter the card OpenEdge does the rest No double posting of transactions No use of dedicated phone lines No startup costs No contracts locking you in Pre-negotiated low rates of 1.695% and $0.25 or 0.60% and $0.15 depending on rate structure Low rate guarantee Free card reader Eliminates standalone terminals No installation fee No software fees No reconciliation of transactions at end of day; close books and go home Check out takes seconds Daily, weekly, monthly custom reporting Supports all major credit/debit cards/chip cards.

Call MIKAL for contact info and questions. 

Your MIKAL Support Team  513-528-5100  [email protected]


Amazing Salon Software Deal

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Imagine setting up your marketing ONE time and then letting your system manage it for you - with $$$$$ results!


MIKAL software will do all this marketing and more.......

JITA just in time appointment opportunities e-mailing and texting out automatically to fill your book every day no extra cost, no revenue share, you keep ALL the money.

Don't let last minute cancels trash your appointment book!


AutoPilot Marketing sending appointment confirms, thank you, Birthday, referral, and reminder e-mails and texts automatically every day at no extra cost.

Now with exclusive Xris-Xross Marketing - build your biz!


Plus included at no extra cost:

On-line booking for your clients included no extra cost.

EMBA employee mobile app for your smart phone included!

Loyalty Points tracking and redemption module included!

Credit card processing at 1.35% - or pick your OWN vendor!

No fee gift card sales and redemptions.

Inventory and sales tax tracking.

QuickBooks, VistaPrint, Constant Contact integration.

No extra fees, costs, revenue shares - just make money!




Complete business management and sales tracking.

Complete client profile with tech cards & buying history.


Single operator version just $39 a month

5 Employee salon version just $79 a month

Call for our Large Salon/Spa version information! 800-448-5420 [email protected]

MIKAL Classes Fall 2016

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Presented by FRED DENGLER


Can’t make the show? Call for the FREE CD 800-448-5420

Market With A Mission: Get ready for profits! Come spend an hour putting together a marketing plan that will potentially grow your business, increase retention, add new clients and raise your average ticket.  Sun: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Retail With a Reason: Learn how to create an environment where it is easy for clients to buy from you. Implement a retail plan that scripts, merchandizes, and closes retail sales for you. Potentially double and even triple your retail sales with this simple and effective plan. Sun: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Staff With a System: Go home with a clear “vision” of the type of salon you want to create! Learn how to correctly hire, effectively train and quickly build staff. This course goes from writing job descriptions to interviewing and hiring correctly to training and growing your team. Create a team that is self-motivated and energized to grow your business. Mon: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Build a Business: From funding, planning, building and realizing your dream, learn step by step how to organize to build a new salon business or re-invent your present business. Create the business you want with a step-by-step plan that helps to guarantee success and reduce stress. Mon: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Fred Dengler  -  MIKAL With the goal of designing a powerful PC-based software program and the ultimate Salon Management System (SMS) for the beauty industry, Fred co-founded the MIKAL Corporation in 1981. He teaches over 50 beauty salon management and marketing classes a year and has written numerous articles for Salon Today, Spa Management, American Salon, and many other trade publications. In 2011, MIKAL won the RSPA Innovative Solutions Award for the ‘Beauty Industry Tablet App.’ His company received an All Star Var award in 2007.

MIKAL Salon and Spa Software www.mikal-salon-software.com 800-448-5420

CAMP MIKAL 2016 - Wonderful

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I wanted to thank you for taking the time, effort, and expense to come to Camp MIKAL 2016. We enjoyed visiting with you and really recharged our batteries! If you have any unanswered (or new) questions from Camp please call us. We want to help you move your business forward.


If you did not order at Camp be sure to get your updates, options and hardware orders in now so we can get them out to you while everything is still fresh in your mind.


Again, thank you for your time, interest, input, and support. We value and appreciate you!

Fred Dengler and the MIKAL staff [email protected]

www.mikal-salon-software.com 513-528-5100