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Camp Mikal Recap - TONS of ideas

Posted on October 11, 2019 at 2:10 PM

Camp Mikal Fall Meeting RECAP

Our Fall Meeting (just finished) was full of ideas and sharing on how to Maximize Mikal software usage. A great group of owners, managers and receptionists met for 3 days in Cincinnati and shared amazing ideas and strategies on Staffing, Marketing, Inventory Control and so much more.

THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Mikal Bucks were given away at the Stop Wine(ing) and Eat some Cheeze party Sunday night. Winners were everywhere! Andy did an amazing job as host and MC.

Let me recap a few of the highlights:

EMBA the mobil booking app for employees was HUGE with the all new Daily Goals feature and Client personal info and tech card/buying history info screens. Owners said it is like having a workticket on your phone!

Loyalty points system is in place and working for about half the group. After the meeting I'll bet everyone gets on the Client Loyalty bandwagon. BIG ideas included using the points to automatically reward rebookings, referrals, and retail purchases, rolling ALL of those marketing strategies into a self running client rewards program.

Idea: make it a policy a NOSHOW loses their points!

Idea: delete all points at the end of the slowest month of each year and everyone will come in that month to use their points!

JITA was BIG at Camp it is only used by 30% of the attendees. JITA users reported the option that fills the holes in the book automatically added ONE more Appointment per day per employee to the book! WOW

Surveys were a big topic. Many signed on to Survey Monkey and looked at Mikal's 5 sample surveys. Some campers even added to the surveys - FUN!

IDEA: share the survey results in staff meetings.

These ideas are only a few of the ones I jotted down during the CAMP. So DO NOT MISS the Winter Success Club meeting - details to follow!

Thank you Campers - you are the fuel that powers our engines here at MIKAL.  Fred  513-528-5100 [email protected]

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