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MIKAL Salon & Spa Software

Ultimate Salon Software since 1982


10 Amazing Marketing Class Ideas CD

$69.00 $99.00

Amazing Marketing Ideas CD

Includes over 80 ideas and program descriptions. 

The Class is recorded on this CD with slides and sound!

Ten All New amazing Marketing Ideas from MIKAL. 3 free e-marketing things you need to be doing right now! 2 easy ways to get more perfect customers, how to set your marketing on autopilot and start making money. The 3 types of buyers today and how to get them. 

Our clients have changed their buying habits and we need to get with the program! This starts with defining who your clients are and how to use social media, e-marketing, and direct marketing to get more of them, sell them more, and get them to come in more often.   


Social Media and E-marketing: Cut through the noise and hype and decide what you need to do to maximize your marketing presence. Use your perfect customer profile to go get more of these high dollar and high frequency customers using all new technology and a proven updated referral program!

The New Client Loyalty: Identify the all new 3 types of buying personalities and find out how to create loyalty in each group. We even have a strategy for creating loyalty with your Groupon clients! Use 2 easy strategies to double your new client rebookings and a simple script to increase present client rebookings. 

On-going Marketing: put your marketing on autopilot and set the systems and strategies in place to feed your business with new clients and increase sales from present clients. Easy ways to keep the community “buzz” going on your business



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