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EMBA Employee Mobile Booking App


Employee Mobile Appointment Book

Imagine being able to book client appointments from anywhere.

On your smart/Iphone.

With anyone.

At any time.

The Employee Mobile Appointment Book gives you

the freedom, power, and flexibility to do this!

When you see a client out and about and they say “I really need to call in and book an appointment” you can now say: “Let me book it right now for you!”

All you have to do is log onto the MIKAL Mobile Appointment Booking app.

Select the day, service, and employee and they are booked.

What if you meet a new potential client? You can enter their basic information, find an appointment and book them. Fast, easy, and done!

Book the client at your chair before they go to the front desk to pay – increase rebooks & prebooks!

Pick a date. MIKAL knows your schedule.

Pick a time.

MIKAL shows best start times.

You will only book perfect appointments!

Pick the service.

Your services.

Your prices.

Your times.

Pick a present client or enter a new client.


Get your schedule real time.

Check clients in at the salon.

See who is waiting for you.

You are in control!

EMBA is $200 for purchasers or FREE with rental systems

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