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Ultimate Management System

MIKAL is your ultimate salon management system. The MIKAL Platform system gives you all the tools you need to market and manage your salon along with the ability to expand with over 20 advanced options!


• 6 Security Access Levels to keep your data confidential

• Daily Cash Start-up with a receipt marketing message

• Point-of-Sale Processing in as few as 8 keystrokes

• Split Tender Payments

• Multi-Window Operation at Point-of-Sale

• Sales/Payouts/Refunds/Voids all from one easy screen

• Continued Sales for families making one payment

• Sales Comment Lines for detailed notes

• Automatic or On-demand Sales Receipts

• Programmable POS Cursor Movement to fit your business

• Bar Code Ready

• Quick Customer Look Up by Name, Phone Number, or Address

• Inventory Catalog Search

• Dollar and Percentage Discounts on sales

• New Customer Addition Window

• Work Ticket Printing with detailed customer history

• Customer Buying History Window with unlimited transactions

• Batch Daily Work Ticket Printing by employee or times

• 99 Custom Work Ticket Formats to match your employee requirements

• POS Work Ticket Recall by Number for quick customer cash out and exit

• Customer Personal Information with 36 items of information

• Day End Balancing and Reporting system

• Detailed Transaction Listings by payment method, employee, or transaction

• Daily Operator Productivity reports with 50 categories of detail

• Daily Cash Out Reports by register and accumulated

• Batch Day End Processing updates all your information in minutes

• Inventory Maintenance screens with detailed ordering and sales history

• Employee Maintenance screens with service and retail sales

• Unlimited Years of Inventory Sales History

• Unlimited Years of Employee Sales History

• Vendor Account Information

• Unlimited Years Salon Sales Performance History

• Pay Type Sales History with ten pay types

• Unlimited Years Advertising Analysis in ten categories

• Unlimited Years Sales Tax History

• Customer Purchase History detail with unlimited transactions

• 600 Character Customer technical information Card

• Customer Listings With 28+ Criteria and 8 output formats

• Customer Label Printing 28 Sorting criteria

• Continuous & Laser Customer Postcard printing

• Customer Letter Printing

• 99 On-line Postcard Formats that you create

• 99 Customer Letter Formats for in-depth mailing programs

• On-demand Daily Cash Out Reports so you can check daily sales at any time

• Daily Transaction Margin Reports to track profitable areas

• Sales Activity by Hour and Day to spot trends in the business

• Inventory Listing Reports

• Inventory Reorder Reports with suggested reorder amounts

• Inventory Sales Reports with unlimited years of trend analysis

• Inventory Margin Reports with gross profit percentages

• Inventory Price Listings

• Employee Performance Reports with percentage sales and category detail

• Employee Ranking Reports in six areas

• Employee Trends Analysis Report

• Salon Sales Analysis/Comparisons with Unlimited years of history, percentages & averages

• Salon Advertising Analysis with Unlimited years of history with trend analysis

• Salon Sales Tax Reporting

• Departmental Sales Tracking in 50 categories with comparisons

• Average Ticket Salon/Operator

• Customer Requests tracking

• New/repeat Customer Tracking

• Inventory Ordering/Receipts

• Referral Tracking System

• System Enhanced Twice Each Year with updates available

• National User Meetings twice each year for our customers

Did you know that the MIKAL platform has all this????

Marketing Hot-line (800) 448 - 5420

Voice (513) 528 - 5100


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