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  Over 85% of clients will not ask the price of a product. They just WON”T BUY
  Install the MIKAL Price LookUp Station and capture those sales.
  The client just picks up a product and holds it under the barcode scanner. MIKAL reads the barcode and displays the description and price on the tablet screen. The client makes a buying decision.
- Save 30% of your labor pricing products and placing shelf talkers!
- Always shows the right price.
- No need to bother the front desk with “how much is this?”
- Staff can use for aiding the sales cycle.
- Fast and Easy!
- Clients love this!
    MIKAL provides the tablet pc that connects wireless to your main computer, the Barcode scanner, the stands for the equipment as shown, and the amazing price lookup software module. Total cost $ 1258.00 plus tax and shipping. Includes set up and training over the phone.
  Added benefit: use the tablet for other functions! Easy to set up and use.

MIKAL Price LookUp! Station

$1,258.00 Regular Price
$980.00Sale Price
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