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MIKAL Salon and Spa Software is now on the Java platform and Cloud based with amazing ease of use and all the power of 36 years helping salon and spa professionals manage and market their businesses. 
SEVEN point ONE is now being scheduled with ZeeZor like EMBA upgrade, Client confirms for Mikal Appointment reminders, Multi-service packages allow service redemption of different dates, enhanced on-line GiftCard system to sent PDF images of on-line card sales, ability to store token of client credit card on file for secure processing of client credit cards on file - and MORE!
Ask about upgrading to a rental with SEVEN and have On-line Booking, EBMA, support, updates ALL included in a monthly fee!
NOTE: keep your MIKAL Six running as the Admin version of SEVEN and run the front desk with SEVEN. Like the mullet haircut – party in the front and business in the back! (or something like that)
The SEVEN Splash Screen gives one touch analysis of your business.
Visually pleasing all new technology.  Runs on MS, Apple, Android, Local or Cloud.
Dynamic appointment book with day view, operator for a week, and visual calendar showing open days and booking availability. Check in from the appointment book or WICS! Menus and submenus eliminated! Simple & Easy.  Complete client record access. Automatic interface to point-of-sale. Seamless e-marketing. Full management reporting. See percent booked, dollars booked, and dollars earned at the bottom of each column! Client Information Employee Info Beginning Cash Time clock Point of Sale and Cashout.
Introduction SPECIAL be the first in line to get SEVEN on release with your options*
Reg $895 Summer special price $695 single terminal Added terminal licenses $170 prepurchase.
Single terminal Silver systems are now being installed. Your delivery will be based on your current options. First installs with be Silver and rental versions.  Call 513-528-5100 and get started on SEVEN
Call MIKAL to verify computer capacity please 513-528-5100

MIKAL SEVEN present clients upgrade now!

$995.00 Regular Price
$795.00Sale Price
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