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MIKAL Salon and Stylist On-Line Booking

Watch the on-line booking video shown above - book appointments in less than 60 seconds


Give MIKAL On-Line Booking a test drive using the On-Line Booking "live demo" button shown below.

In this live demonstration system your Id number is #1 (the number one) The password for both demos is "mikal". (NEW- Use Id #61 (the number sixty-one) To Demo Administrative Functions) .

Note: most customers book from their buying history! Just log in, go to Buying History, pick your service/provider, and ask the system to find the First Available - then book it!

7 Reasons why the On-Line Booking System by MIKAL is worth $345.00 per month per employee - and it costs less than ONE dollar a day per employee!

MIKAL On-Line Booking works for you 24-7-365

MIKAL On-Line Booking is INCLUDED in your system rental at


1. The on-line booking system delivers the up sell service offer to everyone who logs in to book appointments. If 10 customers add an up sell service each week for $20.00 the on-line booking system will increase your sales $200.00 per month..

2. The on-line booking system allows dozens of clients to search for appointments at the same time. How much would it cost to have a dozen receptionists available with a dozen phone lines 24/7 to give your clients that level of service? What is it worth to you to not have to play in voice mail land trying to book and confirm clients?

3. The on-line booking system will confirm all appointments made with customers who have an e-mail address automatically by e-mail. How much time do you spend on confirmations each week? If you spend one hour each week at $10.00 per hour the on-line booking system will save you $40.00 per month in confirmation time..

4. The on-line booking system delivers an offer with every e-mail confirmation. What if your clients received an e-mail offer for a retail product the day before their visit? How many would buy a retail product? If 5 more customers a week buy a retail product for $16.00 based on the confirmation coupon that would generate an extra $80.00 per month in retail sales.

5. The on-line booking system will take the place of a receptionist for 30% of your appointments. If the system books 50 appointments a month and each appointment take 2 minutes you save 100 employee minutes a month. That’s 2.5 hours a month in labor costs. If you are paying $10.00 per hour that’s a savings of $25.00 per month.

6. The on-line booking system allows you to see analysis and activity information in salon/spa from any internet connection. Know how many people are waiting, sales up to the minute, and employee sales from anywhere. What is piece of mind worth to you?

7. The on-line booking system allows your staff to see their day and week. How many times do they call the front desk to see when their first client is coming in?


$345.00 a month in extra income and time savings for you and also for each employee you have. A five employee salon will make and save $1745.00 a month.

Single employee salon costs $39 a month. So spend $39 to make or save $345 every month!

Up to five employee salon costs $79 a month. So spend $79 to make or save $1745 every month!

What are you waiting for?

Call MIKAL now! 513-528-5100

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