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New Salon Opening or Re-Invention Class

Course Description and Information

From The MIKAL Corporation 513-528-5100

Class program for 2018 and all new BUILD YOUR BUSINESS CLASS for Salons and Spas 

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Note: this is a non-commercial class with the objective of providing salon owners, managers, and stylists with business management ideas aimed at increasing their professionalism and success in the industry.

Title: How to Open or re-Invent Your Salon

           Define your goals, make a plan, and realize your vision for a new or re-invented business in this class. 

           Create your perfect business. Learn how to get organized to get the funds, location, look, staff and clients to realize your dreams. 

General outline:

Introduction: Let’s turn that dream into reality. Whether it is a new salon or a new version of your present salon we will organize the process and outline the steps needed to do it right. This class starts with defining what your goals are and then introduces proven ideas to achieve the goals.

Money and more: Get 15 funding sources and fund raising ideas. Grants, loans, SBA sources, internal funding ideas. Get a spread sheet that will help you project your real funding needs. Discuss the costs of creating your perfect business and get money saving and business building ideas.

The Location and Decor Decisions: Easy location finding ideas, know who your

best neighbors are. Lease and build out negotiation strategies. Picking and paying your

contractors. Design ideas that work to increase sales and the client experience.

Staffing and Marketing: how to create the right culture and a winning team. Finding the right staff, implementing policies that work and creating a self motivation team. Marketing including your pre-opening marketing, the 12 month Grand Opening plan, and on-going marketing to keep those clients coming back

Format: A presentation with detailed class handouts, audio and video presentations using a computerized projector system, interactive survey and group feedback using the attendee’s smart phones and question & answer workshop oriented topics with on-going question and answer periods.

Please call us with any questions. Classes can be modified to fit time and theme requirements.

MIKAL Corporation 513-528-5100 800-448-5420

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