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The New Economy

New Client Needs - New Ways to Satisfy Them

3 concepts that will supercharge your front desk


The Front Desk - Untapped Profits

 MIKAL has created and perfected the Preceptionist Program

 The Price check call in - how do you handle it?

 The Up$ell - the best time to upsell is during the appointment booking


More Front Desk ideas

 Every client interaction is a selling opportunity!

 Client check in - view their picture - use names

 Client work ticket - hi-light upsell opportunities


Consult before the service - not at checkout

             Do “just in time” e-mail offerings each morning

            Prebook new clients with New Client Welcome Books - 8 offers - have to book to get the book!


Low Cost / No Cost Marketing

 Marketing is creating an environment where it is easy to do business with you!

 Direct mail each week - easy and fast

 Just in time e-mail marketing takes advantage of clients new tendency to conservative/impulsive


 Four Letter Client Recovery System keeps ‘em!


 What is your best form of advertising?


Top Trends - Get Ahead of the Curve

How to hire the perfect preceptionist - the ads - the interview - the hiring - the training - the follow up...

Job descriptions that work and compensation programs that motivate!

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