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Get your slice of the Holiday Pie

Get Your Piece of the Holiday Pie

During the 45 days before the Holidays, you will see most of your regular clients. Now is the time to make the small changes that will excite your customers and keep them coming back for more in the slower months of January and February. Be an easy alternative for gifts from the big stores. Make it easy for your clients to shop and pick out prepackaged gifts.

Get Ready

Now is the time to update all your client information and get it in your computer. Use the Gift Basket give away forms to capture address, phone number, and e-mail information. NOTE: the average person moves every 26 months, so make sure you check with clients!

You must create Unique Selling Points that WOW the customers and differentiate your salon/spa.

Call MIKAL for a free paper on Creating Your Unique Selling Points at 513-528-5100 or

Get Organized to Sell this Season!

What can you do to give every customer a WOW with every sense? What can you do in a sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste way that will make your customers enjoy their time at your location more?

· Do you have your Gift Basket Give Away raffle set up to capture everyone’s e-mail? Surround the gift basket and sign-up area with the gift baskets and gift sets you are selling.

· Is your location spotless with all products dusted?

· Do you have the Gift Sets and Shrink Wrapped Products displayed effectively?

Creating Seasonal Promotions!

Use our Holiday Successful Promotion Check list below to create your own promotions with items like:

□ Have quick grab-and-go products at the front desk for impulse gift purchases. Research the ideas from your product manufacture web sites and copy them!

□ Create a flyer to hand out at the front desk at client check in for your Holiday specials. Use your distributor deals and create a sales flyer to hand every client.

□ Review all your Distributor specials and include them on your flyer.

□ Create a pyramid of products in the waiting area with gift bags and boxed products ready to go. One salon bought 60 flat irons at a great price and made a Christmas Tree type pyramid from them with a price talker on top – they flew out of the salon!

□ Create a Men’s Area for Shopping for Him with the manufacturer gift kits. Be sure to check out any Shave Gift Sets.

□ Have a Spa and Relaxation retail area for your spa products with sample gift baskets and packaged deals on gift baskets with gift cards.

Now that you know what your promotions are going to be, crank up your computer and email and mail to clients your flyer of special offers that are only good during the holidays. Be sure to mail ONLY to active clients – don’t get placed on a SPAM list!

Need Help?? Our systems will do all your marketing and sales tracking! Call MIKAL and get the support you NEED to GROW! 513-528-5100

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