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Just imagine.................
Having your MIKAL computer look at the cancellations and availability in your book and automatically sending appointment opportunities to your clients. The book fills up! Like MAGIC….
  Your JITA Genie has arrived!
Every night our system looks at the availability in your book and sends your clients an e-mail or text message inviting them to take advantage of the booking opportunity. We call it JITA the Just In Time Appointment system.
  What is JITA worth to you? If JITA adds just one appointment per day for a service provider and the average service is $40 then JITA will increase sales $8000.00 per service provider per year. EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS! That is a 10 percent increase in sales for the average service provider. WOW.
  PLUS - when a client cancels how much time do you spend trying to fill that appointment? Do you call the wait list, try to rearrange the book? Save all that time and know that JITA is working for you every day.
  Cross market openings for Spa to Hair clients and Nail to Spa clients – automatically. JITA runs and the book fills up!
  Wish you were booked
  Important points:
You are in control
You decide who gets the JITA offers.
You decide to send only to clients who do not have a future appointment for that service.
You decide the limited number of offers for each employee.
You decide if JITA offers morning, afternoon, or evening booking opportunities.
You decide the service recommendations that match each employee's services.
You decide if there is a discount.
So unlike web based services that you have to pay for and revenue share the booking income with..... YOU ARE IN CHARGE.
You don't share your revenue. (Booking services charge a sign up fee and 15-18 percent of service booked)
You don't have to give discounts.
You don't create clients who WAIT for appointment offers.
You don't have staff mad at discounted offers being done during busy times.
You don't give your client list to someone else.
Want to see JITA?
Call MIKAL and see how JITA will work for you.
  If you presently rent Mikal software JITA is included

JITA Just in Time Appointment Program

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