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What is NEW in On-Line Booking - WOW

What’s New in On Line Booking

Make sure your On Line Booking is using all the latest and greatest features.

Express Booking pages: allow clients to go directly to booking with no password or ID for a simple and fast booking experience. First screen asks for the Service, provider preference, date or first available and the booking choices display. Client then enters name and email. If there is a match in the system it displays or if no match adds a new client to your system. Client can then reserve with the optional appointment reservation credit card payment or payment in full to complete the appointment. Call us for a walk through.

Accept credit cards for on line appointments, either a standard booking hold fee or the full amount of the service. CIP credit card processing is required for this feature. Reduce no shows and last minute cancellations with this feature. Get your money at booking time for better cash flow.

Administrator options increased: besides getting great management reporting from the Admin function in OLB like Summary Cash Outs and OLB booking activity you can also upload the staff pictures and bios easily, upload prototype changes on demand, and view credit card booking activities. Note: if you also are selling the GiftCards on line with Mikal you can see current gift card sales activity.

Give all clients a Booking ID and Password: OLB can automatically assign all your clients their OLB credentials and then blast out a series of emails and texts informing them of the OLB service you offer. Call us to activate this feature and create the campaign.

Employee management functions: set up employees to be able to check their schedules and future bookings, plus modify their bio and picture. Note: this does not give the staff all the features of EMBA like goals to actual sales and managing client information.

Use YOUR LOGO, your screen colors, your information!

Call MIKAL 513-528-5100 ext 1 for support and sales.

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