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5 Million Dollar Marketing Ideas

Supercharge Your Business:


How about getting a jump on sales and profits with some easy, fast, and cheap Marketing Ideas


First you need to realize that the Money is Out There! We have opportunities to make money every day that we pass up due to: Ineffective systems and support, Poor/slow/no automatic new client and return client follow up, Failure to CLOSE sales, Systems that do not make us money, and of course a Lack of time and time wasting habits.


Now for the ideas:

Let’s change your ineffective scripting. How many PRICE CHECK Phone Calls do you get a week?

Most salons only book 1 out of 4 price checks for an appointment for one simple reason and what if we could DOUBLE the bookings? 1 booking a week times 50 weeks times $40 average ticket times 5 visits a year generates $10,000.00….


Price Checks that Create Bookings need to do three things:

1. Give them something extra when they call to check on your prices

2. Show you care by making the offer right then when they are on the phone

3. Invest in their first visit with you



When the client calls and says “How much is a XYZ Service?” You say “I’d be happy to give you that information, in fact if you give me your name and e-mail address I’ll sent you a ($XX Gift Certificate good for your first visit!”

Get their name and e-mail address or text number then go ahead and do your normal price check script and then CLOSE the appointment! The Next Step – Automate It! Put the name and e-mail in your MIKAL software and send the offer via e-mail or text and they will get it right while they are on the phone with you.   Note: get TONS more phone scripting ideas on our SuperCharge Your Front Desk CD - order today! 


Get Them to Come Back

The average salon only keeps 30% of new clients for a second visit and only 14% of new clients for 5 visits!

Quick Lube shops keep an average of 52% of their oil change clients for a follow up oil change. We need to get them back in. That happens by rebooking before the new client leaves! A new client costs a salon between $30 and $60.

How do we keep these clients?


New Client Welcome Book

Put a book or value pack together with 6-10 offers. All are buy something to get something and retail buy 2 get 1 at half off. Add up all the values and list them on the front of the book/value pack. Place signs in the waiting area, front desk, and stations “Get your New Client Welcome Book Worth $80.00”  Note: get our Amazing Marketing Ideas CD for samples of the Welcome Book and 80+ other great ideas!

The Key is the Client MUST rebook before leaving to get the book! You will DOUBLE your new client 2nd visit bookings!


Make Better Decisions

Do You KNOW Your Retention? Computerize your Retention Tracking

Do You Track Success with Your Staff? Computerize your Goal Setting

Do You Send thank you & reminders each week? Computerize your Automatic Marketing

Do You Order Product on Computer? Computerize with Easy Product Ordering

MIKAL SYSTEMS WILL DO ALL THESE THINGS AND MORE!  Single operator systems are $39 a month and include ALL these ideas built in!



Client Loyalty the EASY Way

Loyalty Programs do equal BIG $$$. You can use low tech punch cards to generate more sales and loyalty or automate your points program with MIKAL to track and reward clients the easy way. Ideas that maximize your points rewards systems include: Clear ALL client points one time each year (pick your slowest month).


Give extra points to drive sales to slow days, times, services, staff - don’t redeem points during your prime times! Always Redeem points as a discount off the regular price, not as a payment type – don’t pay commission on redeemed discounts!


Market to encourage redemption with regular e-marketing blasts with your MIKAL software system.


MIKAL prints the points on each sales receipt, the client work ticket, and points show in their on-line booking information.






Script Your Service Up$ell: The up-sell is the biggest money maker in business. Ask Wendys, MacDonalds, Victoria's Secret…………. Industry teaching is when you have the client in the chair/room you pitch the up sell

But this have never been effective because it is Pushy or seems like a Bait and Switch. So when should we offer the Up$ell?


Up$ell at Booking Time: When the client calls for a haircut have an add on upsell ready to offer.


While you are looking for the appointment just ask if the client has heard about your hair department specials.


When they say no then tell them how your new Conditioning treatment will make their hair feel great and be easier to manage. Offer the special price and then ask “How does that sound?”. Call us at MIKAL for more booking scripts.

Sell every 6th client a $15 service in a 4 stylist salon generates $16,000.00 a year - This strategy works!


We even build the up-sells into the On-Line Booking System!  MIKALIZE and all these ideas come built into your systems!



Back to Basics

Are you sending weekly New Client Thank you, Referral Thank you, Reminders, and Birthday cards?

You need to stay in front of your clients and touch them on a regular basis.

The problem is time, consistency, message, and costs

But not with MIKAL Software featuring AutoPilot Marketing!  MIKAL AutoPilot runs at no extra cost as part of our Software Rental Program - WOW



AutoPilot Marketing

Set it and forget it – it keeps selling for you!

What will Regular Marketing Do?

In a 4 stylist salon we want to get one more visit out of just 25% of the clients

That is about 300 visits

If the average ticket is $30 that generates increased sales of $9000.00

Plus tips, plus add-ons, plus retail…..


Our e-mails and texts look like you personally sent the message. You can attach graphics also.



Let’s Take a Breath…..What will these 5 strategies make you? How about $35,000 in a 4 Stylist Salon?


So call us at MIKAL and make plans to get these strategies in place.


Look at our MIKAL software that has these programs built in!


You can use the system for as little as $10 a week for a single operator and in a 5 operator salon for $19 a week and can generate $35,000 a year. Spend $1 a day per stylist to make $700 extra dollars a week.   


What are you waiting for? Call MIKAL 800-448-5420.



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