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7.2 is all NEW for YOU

7.2 includes:

- Sends an ADDITIONAL REMINDER to clients who have not confirmed their appointments. Less work, fewer no-shows, clients will get their reminders. 7.2 reduces no shows and client confusion.

- Packages can be sold with multiple services and then redeemed separately until the package is used up. Great to market bundles of services, easy to administer and redeem. 7.2 can do it!

- JAVA Printing now available in ADMIN system. Get the display of the report before printing, uses JAVA formatting, print specific pages, print to any Windows printer, all the printing functions available in GUI.

- Cash out without a print out – oh no! With 7.2 you can reprint cashouts even from prior dates. Never lose a cashout again with 7.2.

- The Points program increases sales and loyalty. 7.2 creates a Points activity log and allows viewing from the maintenance screen.

- More enhancements include: Check and start WANServer in GUI, use PreNumbered Gift Certificates, upgraded maintenance and options of Service Charges on sales tickets and more! 7.2 is awesome.

So call today and start using these new features and options. 513-528-5100                 Releases 6-30-23


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