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And so this is Christmas.....




Let’s run our reports and look at our progress:


- Has your average ticket increased at least 4% in every


- Did you raise prices through out the year?

- Are your receptionists turning into Preceptionists?

- Are your regular e-mailings happening regularly?

- Is inventory down to the bare bones for tax purposes?

- Have you sent the price check customers a little package?

- Are you using the New Customer Welcome Book (and new customer retention is over 50%)?

- Is your customer information in the computer all cleaned up?

- Are your employees using the evaluation and goal setting systems?

- Are you happier with your business than this time last year?


If some of the answers are not what you would like them to be call MIKAL immediately and schedule time in for our Winter Success Club or an on-site training visit with us!


Not using MIKAL Software? Call us for a 15 minute internet presentation and see what you are missing!


For 2016 we need to get our New Year promotions going. Flip back to last January and see what you would like to concentrate on. Make time to visit with each staff member to discuss 2015 and plan on 2016.

Fred Dengler


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