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Cash Flow Ideas

Do you have some Cash Flow Challenges?


It is time to get your INVENTORY organized with MIKAL.


You can reduce carrying costs up to 20% and cut theft to almost zero. Plus do you have any waste?


Salon example:

6 stylist shop has $3000 in professional products

Cut carrying costs frees up 20% or $600 in cash


Station waste and usage averages $300 per station – use our ideas to cut that in half and free up $900


Waste and theft runs 5% of products or $150

So $1650 is freed up.


How about time savings? Save 3 hours a week ordering and stocking and tracking. In a year that is 150 hours or 4 weeks of work.

What could you do with an extra 4 weeks this year?


What should you order:

Puchase orders (and 6.5 for Aveda order feature) $250

Inventory Ranking report $200

Inventory Min/Max $100

Total list price $550

Your cost till 6pm Dec 31, 2009 $300


Plus get HP Barcode gun with stand for only $285

And Inventory Cost report ($200) for only $100


Best Deal: $685

Order the gun and ALL the options and get the Physical Count Book FREE

(a $100 value) TOTAL SAVINGS: $450

Call MIKAL 513-528-5100


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