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Cinnamon-Honey Macchiatos

Here is one small tactic you can add to your customer relations program that will endear you to your clients.

We know clients like to feel important… who doesn’t like to be greeted by name when they walk through the door of our salons or spas? When we ask Mrs. Smith how her home remodel is coming along, or when we ask Mrs. Skinner how her daughter did in her last soccer game… they wonder how we can remember the details of their lives. Good salon and spa software (like MIKAL) can help us remember those small details easily.

But what if you could add a bit of brightness to your clients’ days with one small change in how you greet them as they enter your establishment? Something that doesn’t cost a lot, is easy to do and makes them feel so very special… something they can only get in your salon or spa?

One of our salon owners at one time worked at Starbucks part time while she was getting her new salon up and running. Using the knowledge she gained from making Starbucks coffee drinks, she decided to bring that into her salon for her clients. She taught her stylists and assistants how to build a macchiato (strong coffee, frothed milk). She added a little cinnamon and a swirl or crosshatch of local honey on top, and her clients were served a cinnamon-honey macchiato for free! They loved the macchiato (a step up from regular coffee or tea at other salons) and they loved the extra attention.

You do not need to invest in a $5,000 espresso machine. A regular coffee pot and regular coffee (or dark roast or espresso roast will do) and frothed milk is all you need (along with some Saigon cinnamon and local honey, of course). A vast array of reasonably priced milk frothers is available online. Her favorite brands were Capresso and Secura. Served in china mugs, not Styrofoam cups, these fancy macchiatos made her clients feel extra special… which, of course, was her goal.

It takes a little extra effort to keep the frother clean in betweenuses, but the smiles on her clients’ faces were worth it. And the Thank You’s.

Cinnamon-honey macchiatos: an easy way to help ensure client loyalty.


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