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EMBA does Bar Blitz for new clients!

EMBA hits the bar scene


Okay I received some e-mails and calls about EMBA after Jimmy the salon owner's Walmart story. So here is another EMBA story:

(if your missed the Walmart story it is below the Bar Blitz story)

One of our MIKAL salon owners (who asked to not be named) said going to Walmart on Friday night is lame. Her staff started using EMBA the smart phone booking app a few months ago and some of the girls noticed when they were out after work at clubs people would comment on their hair or learn they were a stylist and say "hey give me your card and I'll call you next week for a haircut" but they NEVER called!

So when the stylist got EMBA she started booking the prospects right at the bar. This idea got around the salon and some of the girls would go out together and have a few drinks, dance, and book some appointments with new clients (you can enter a new client in EMBA)

The owner liked the idea and she decided to package it.

She says now her staff does a "Bar Blitz Night" every month.

They all go out together and take their smart phones, EMBA, and some new client Gift Certificates. They hit 3 or 4 places and the owner pays for a beverage (yes she is the designated driver) and the girls mingle, have fun and hand out the Gift Certificates and book appointments right on the spot with EMBA!

She says when the girls hit the bar as a group they get noticed and start networking. I asked if there are any no shows since the bookings might be forgotten overnight....

She said it was a concern but no problem because EMBA confirms with an e-mail or text the day before the appointment.

What a deal - new clients - a girls night out - fun - and business building!

So after that story Walmart does sound a little lame...


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