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EMBA goes to Walmart

One of our salons told me their staff is going crazy with EMBA the MIKAL Employee Mobile Booking App scheduling clients all over town!


Jimmy our salon owner called me and said "I've got to tell you about EMBA and my staff"


Here is Jimmy's story:

This past weekend the salon started using EMBA one of the stylists came in on Monday and said she had booked 6 of her clients at Wal-Mart Friday night while she was shopping after work. She said her clients came up to her like they always do to say hi and then said I've got to call the salon and get in for a haircut. The stylist said don't bother calling I can book you right now on my smart phone. The clients loved it. Standing in the Wal-Mart pet food section the clients were booked! That week the other stylists noticed she was busy and her clients were coming in talking about EMBA at Wal-Mart.


This Black Thursday when the salon was closedJimmy saw 4 of his stylists out like they were going out somewhere. He asked them where the were going to grab a bite or a drink and they told him they were going to Wal-Mart and get some bookings! The stylists said the entire town goes to Wal-Mart on Friday nights and shops and hangs out and that is where they were heading with their smart phones and EMBA.


Jimmy told me he loves it. But he is kind of sad too. He said "remember when the staff would all close on Friday and would go out and party? Now they go to Wal-Mart! What happened to us?


True story - I swear it!


MIKAL CEO and EMBA lover


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