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Great marketing ideas from other salons/spas

Here are some ideas we have heard here at Mikal to help increase sales now that we are open the rush is over:


- Set up a touch screen monitor at the front door with the Mikal CyberReceptionist running. Clients can do no contact check in and the system will alert WICS at the desk and also page the service provider if you have the paging option in place.


- Email/text all receipts so you are not handling paper and giving it to the customer at the desk. Include a coupon on the receipt for retail purchases. Call Mikal to set this up.


- Make sure you have the upsell offers activated. Some clients are not coming in as often so we need to load them up when they do come in! Up$ells can add 20% to each ticket.


- Get JITA going. Many of our salons/spas are having last minute cancellations. JITA looks at the book and blasts out those last minute opportunities to your clients via an email or text. It is automatic and your book fills up.


- Reminders are critical now - in your automatic autopilot set up in Mikal make sure your 60 day reminders are activated and going out. Especially if prebooking/rebooking is a challenge with your clients.


Call us to set up these and other business building ideas:   MIKAL  513-518-5100

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