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Holiday News and Deals at MIKAL

End of Year Deals

You NEED new flash drives. It is SO IMPORTANT MIKAL will pay the shipping when you order from us!

$50 for 5 flash drives ($10 per flash drive if you want more).

FREE Shipping till 12-31-17. Call 513-528-5100

You should have 1 flash drive for each day of the week you are open, so if your business is open 5 days you should have 5 flash drives. Plus a weekly you take on/off site.

Did you get your FREE 2018 Mikal Marketing Calendar yet? Call and we will e-mail it right out to you!

If you use MIKAL payroll the update orders are being taken now - call and get your year end close out instructions.

Ready for Year End? Call for the instructions!

Did you get your $50 Client Appreciation Gift Certificate?

Did you get the ChargeItPro $200 credit offer?

Your MIKAL consultant should be calling and sending it out to you..............or give them a call for it! 513-528-5100

Call MIKAL today ASAP and order your flash drives.

They are tested, are the right size, and work with our software. When you receive the flash drives from us call and we will VERIFY the backup is correct - a $25 service for FREE with the purchase of the flash drives from MIKAL.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas!

Glen, Sam, Diane, Bob, Fred, Andy and the entire MIKAL team


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