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Ideas from the MIKAL Success Club

WOW what a Super Success Club Meeting!


MIKAL salons and spas braved storms, broken pipes, cancelled planes and other challenges and made it to Orlando for the Success Club!


Four days of sharing, learning, sun, fun, and networking generated amazing ideas.


Some of the ideas included:

- Getting back into package sales (example: 5 facials for the price of 4). The group’s analysis was that the gift card deals buy $100 and get $20 in cards free was not as profitable as selling packages and series. The reasons include commission is paid on the free gift card use (expensive), the clients use the card for only core services (no cross marketing or incentive to experience new services), and tips are placed on the card (ruins profits).

- Getting Memberships like Massage Envy up and going.

- Implementing JITA right now! Just in time appointments work and this month you can get the option with a free ($200 value) Automatic Opt Out program.

- Fine tune the autopilot automatic e-mails and text messages with stronger benefit statements. (see the attached JITA scripting pdf)

- Fine tune and implement the Up$ells and Descriptions in Prototypes. Call for our exclusive new scripting ideas.

- Implement the Advanced Goal Setting feature in employee goals for mature service providers and the special receptionist goals. Tie the receptionist goals to the spif program in Payroll analysis for incentives and motivation.

And a dozen more ideas I will share with you over the next few weeks!


Did you miss the Success Club? Call for our Spring Regional meetings that are being held in conjunction with our Spring show schedule. Spend a day after the Baltimore, Indianapolis, Texas, Orlando, and other shows learning how to better use your MIKAL system from Fred Dengler. If you need on-site or in-salon training schedule our hourly internet based training on specific areas you want to work on. Three or four internet sessions don’t involve travel costs, and inexpensive, and let you take your time and get all your questions answered!


PLUS – If you buy the JITA option with the free Opt out program you get 1 hour of free internet based phone training with the MIKAL trainer of your choice for FREE! Save $200 and get $75 in training for FREE!


Call today to get your free Up$ell Scripting Ideas pdf and see a quick presentation on the JITA program and the hot new Employee Mobile Booking App 513-528-5100



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