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Marketing Calendar



Only three months left in and this is the last quarter of the year. Now is the time to kick in with all your best marketing and fine tune your management. If you have not done so yet start your referral contest RIGHT NOW! Get our Referral Contest Guide today, get the prizes lined up, a mailing to customers who have referred people to you in the past and start the contest on October 14th. Run the contest till December 16th so the winner receives a great holiday present!

We need to be up selling services with every appointment. Half of our customers will see us in the next 90 days. We need to offer them services that they have not experienced before and up sell packages of services. Bundle new or less popular services with your most popular services. What have you done so far this year in conditioning treatments? In paraffin services? How is your massage business going? Look at your Performance Report and decide which services need to be bundled together. Use the Shrink Wrap option in Inventory Special Functions to bundle service and retail items. Give the staff an extra per item commission to up sell the slow moving services and products. Use the pop up window at booking time to up sell services when customers call in.

This is the month to raise chemical service prices to take advantage of November and December sales activity!



Now is the time to make sure all of your customer information is correct. You will see more of your customers in the next 60 days than in the next six months. Activate the incomplete address warning at point of sale so the front desk always captures all of the customer address information. Run the incomplete address list for last visit equals last week customers every week to make sure the receptionists are capturing all of the information.

Implement a strategy to move customers booking appointments to less busy days and times. Every customer will want to come in on Saturday. Always offer early week appointments first and give the customers reasons to book early in the week (less hectic, more time to work on the customer, better quality time with the customer). The more customers you can move to early week and morning appointments the more opportunity you will have to service new customers during prime walk in times! Book smarter for more profits.

Idea: have your Holiday Party in January when you and your staff have the time to enjoy it!



Let's run our reports and look at our progress:

- Has your average ticket increased at least 4% in every department?

- Did you raise prices through out the year?

- Are your receptionists turning into Preceptionists?

- Are your regular mailings happening regularly?

- Is inventory down to the bare bones for tax purposes?

- Have you sent the price check customers a little package?

- Are you using the New Customer Welcome Book (and new customer retention is over 50%)?

- Is your customer information in the computer all cleaned up?

- Are your employees using the evaluation and goal setting systems?

- Are you happier with your business than this time last year?

If some of the answers are not what you would like them to be call MIKAL immediately and schedule time in for our Winter User Group Meeting!

For New Year we need to get our New Year promotions going. Flip back to last January and see what you would like to concentrate on. Make time to visit with each staff member to discuss last year and plan on the New Year. Call you MIKAL Consultant for help with this goal setting.

Want the Entire Calendar?  Order our Marketing CD and it is included! 


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