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Mikal Introduces Small Bytes on Instagram!

For the past 40 years, The MIKAL Corporation has supported the salon/spa/medical spa industry by offering the only software that directly uses the most powerful POS, tracking, reporting and marketing tool in the industry. Salons and spas and independent stylists have used Mikal’s salon software, on-line booking, e-marketing, text marketing, Employee Mobile Booking App, Just-In-Time Appointment and Xris-Xross marketing to successfully stay ahead of the competition.

You will now be able to find marketing and management ideas regularly on our Instagram and Facebook pages with our new “Small Bytes” program! Of course, we have a generous library of ideas you can research and implement from our blog here any time. But we know how busy you are on a daily basis trying to run your business and care for your clients and employees. So we decided to start dropping small “bytes” of useful marketing and management ideas and reminders.

These “bytes” are bite-sized nuggets of wisdom you can read & consume quickly… then take your time thinking about the concept without feeling overwhelmed with an in-depth article you just don’t have time to read. If you see one that connects with a problem you’ve been struggling with, just take a screen grab to store it in your phone till you have the time to call us to discuss! That way, you won’t forget about it. We will be happy to talk with you more about the topic and show you how our salon and spa software can make running your business easier, less stressful and more profitable. How simple is that?

Let us know what you think. Call MIKAL with questions at 513-528-5100, ext. 1.

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