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Mikal Listed among 2022 Top-Rated Software!

SoftwareWorld, one of the leading business technology intelligence and research firms in the world, last month named Mikal among the 2022 top-rated salon and spa management software available in the beauty industry around the globe.

SoftwareWorld, a software review platform that showcases top software solutions suitable for various industries, provides the best software solutions available on the market. It creates unbiased lists of the top software solutions by category, helping businesses find the right solution for them. SoftwareWorld analyzes the popularity of software and web applications based on functionalities and easy user-interface to provide the best utility to its users without wasting any resources.

SoftwareWorld looks for feature-packed, powerfully innovative and easy-to-customize software. It considered Mikal’s Booth Rental Management, Client Profiles, Employee Management, Inventory Management, Loyalty Program, Multi-Location, Payroll Management, Point of Sale (POS), Recurring Appointments, On-line booking and more.

Included in the article was a comment from one of our salon owners: “Mikal does everything I need, even things I didn’t know I needed and now can’t imagine being without it. It‘s fairly straightforward to train new team members on, the support with the software is insurmountable. The software is tailor-fit to my specific preferences….”- Miranda S.


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