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More info on the 5 Steps of Marketing

Here are the 5 Steps and strategies Mikal Software salons are using to resume business and grow their businesses.


First let’s make sure we are rewarding our Super Stalwart clients – the one who would risk life and limb to get those services done by you. Fire up your client Loyalty and Rewards program for these clients.


Here is how one of our salon/spas restarted the points program when reopening:


The Spa Owner says… We instituted our program in June on reopening and the clients LOVE it!


We give 10 points for every service dollar and have our flyer posted all over the Spa. We also have emailed 7000 people on our Mikal email list about the new Points program. (Note the support that the spa gives the program with flyers, posted info, and direct email marketing to customers.)


We have a program called “Pamper Points”. The first reward is a haircut. This is the department we are building.


We printed a Mikal Customer Ranking report for the 6 months before lockdown, and worked out the average dollar amount spent by our clients per year. The rewards are to encourage clients to spend more in addition to rewarding our “big spenders”.

Redemptions include:

- 10 facials generate enough points for a complementary shampoo, conditioner, style and waxing.

- 10 massages generate enough points for a complementary hot oil scalp treatment and paraffin hand

and foot treatment. (Pedicure and Manicures are extra)

We pay our staff for the services rendered.

Call Mikal for a free PDF chocked full of great info 513-528-5100 ext 1 for support, or email us!


We also introduced a Couples Night Out. It is a great way to get clients to bring in a second potential client to the Spa. We have this deal on our website and in Mikal software have put in a client type for “Couples Night” so we can mail Text or email them with future specials and events – i.e. makeup events. We are building our makeup division. We emailed this info to clients, too. The Couples Nights are held on our slow nights to control numbers in the salon/spa and also build our slow evenings. We also are now open on Sundays for Couples Afternoon Affairs (lol) and were never open before on Sundays.


We are working on teen workshops for the Fall/Winter. They are a great untapped market with disposable income for cosmetics and makeup!


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