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QUICK - make some money

QUICK! Let's get you started on:

Xris-Xross Marketing: set up MIKAL to send a special e-mail/text only to clients not getting specific services from you now. It is automatic and will cross market your business to your clients!  “Mikal salons say it is worth up to $20,000 a year!”

JITA Genie: set up MIKAL to offer Just In Time Appointment opportunities to specific targeted clients and specific stylists! Fill the book and fight last minute cancellations.  “MIKAL Salons say JITA adds 10 appointments a week!”           

Don’t just WISH for a full book!

GET EMBA going: the Employee Mobil App is so hot……

Stylists can book clients using their smart phone at their station increasing pre-books and reducing checkout time at the front desk. Plus staff can book clients and even add new clients while they are out and about!

“MIKAL Salons say EMBA has increased pre-books up to 30% and added a new booking option for the staff!”

Sell MIKAL On-line Gift Cards that integrate rught into your system - no work - just sales - call us 513-528-5100


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