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Re-Opening Ideas for your Salon/Spa

Re-Opening ideas from MIKAL


Automatic Add-On Charge for MIKAL Point-of-Sale

Mikal has a feature that allows the automatic add on of a charge on each sale or each service line item on a sale. This charge can be set up as a flat dollar amount or as a percentage of the service/ticket.


Enter a Sale and the Service Charge will appear as an additional line item and also show as a special amount on the payment screen in SIX.


Do you need to clear some gift cards to resell them? You can clear all zero balance gift cards in Mikal.  Give us a call for details.


Staff scheduling: many states are limiting staff and clients in the salons and spas.  Remember that you can have alternate week schedules in MIKAL. Schedule half the staff for each Saturday and be open 80 hours a week with 2 shifts.


This is a great time to activate the automatic Up$ell option and have add on services pop up When the clients call or book on line. Get that extra revenue with the influx of clients.


Appointment reminders/confirms: change the message to reinforce your new policies for masks, etc..


Campaigns: set up a new ALLCUST list of email clients and a standard campaign to change a few times a week and blast out to keep clients informed. Idea: use ^fname^ and other embedded commands to personalize the emails and text messages!


Activate the email to assign All Clients credentials to be able to book on-line. Coordinate with MIKAL so you can activate on-line booking in conjunction with your reopening.


Retail generates 40% profit per dollar and services generate 10% per dollar so…have a BIG sale on retail the month you reopen – sell the shelves empty!


NOW is the time to upgrade your systems and activate the features in Mikal that will help jump start your business as it Re-Opens. Give us a call to get these features going! 513-528-5100


Please note: if you are on a support contract your calls are FREE – if you have chosen per call you will need a credit card when you call us. One call/charge can handle multiple questions – give us a call!


Stay safe and thank you for your support – your Mikal Team


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