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Salon and Stylist E-mail Ideas

Use these eleven salon email marketing ideas to launch your own email marketing campaigns or add to your existing salon marketing efforts.

Set them up to be automatic in the MIKAL AutoPilot marketing system!

1. Featuring spa or salon offers of the month. E-mail them, post them on a sign in the waiting area, tweet them out and post on Facebook too. Use the MIKAL Marketing Calendar for monthly sure fire ideas! Call us for yours 800-448-5420.

2. Introducing a new staff member (or featuring a staff member of the month) Link to the MIKAL On-Line Booking Staff Bios page! See our example at

3. Describing the most recent technical skills or education you (or a staff member) have received in terms of how it benefits clients, along with a related offer for services or products.

4. Featuring a retail product of the month and emphasize client results and benefits.

5. Telling a story about your salon or spa, your brand, or interests and passions which led you or a staff member into the industry. Link to your About Us page on your web site!

See our example:

6. Talking about seasonal hair, makeup, skin or other relevant trends. See the Marketing Calendar for Summer Ideas - call us for one 800-448-5420.

7. Describing how new technology is changing the way you do business or improving services or products. Are you using MIKAL EMBA, JITA, or OLB? They are HOT tech ideas.

8. Telling clients about a new product or service. New conditioners to take care of damaged hair are big news!

9. Telling clients what sets your business apart. What are your USBs or IOs? Call us for a detailed info pak!

10. Making customer promises (telling clients what they can expect to be true each and every time they do business with you). List your guarantee!

11. Announcing a flash sale, last-chance or other limited time offers. Move the slow stuff OUT and build the slow staff NOW!

Like these ideas? Order our Marketing CD on our web store  or call for more info at 800-448-5420

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