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Staff Up! Class Outline for VEGAS!

Staff Up! Course Description and Information

From The MIKAL Corporation 513-528-5100

Class program for 2018 and Camp MIKAL VEGAS!

 Staff Up! How to build a winning team

Create a positive culture and staff your salon with a great team using the strategies and systems in this class. From getting more perfect applicants to interviewing and hiring more effectively to creating a compensation and goal setting system this class walks you through the whole process.

 General outline:

Introduction: We have to have staff to service our clients. We need to have the right staff to grow the business! This class starts with creating ads and networking to get the right applicants. Learn how to write a classified ad that doubles your response. The one word you must include in your advertising, and how to pre-interview to save up to 70% of the time usually spend interviewing.

 Turning an Applicant into a Team Member: Learn the top 20 interview questions. How to use an interview presentation to sell your business, and an easy way to find out which applicants can sell themselves and your products. Set goals and expectations with the applicant before you even hire them with our strategies!

The New Hire: The first 30 days are critical. How to train and motivate the Millennials.

Create a self motivating atmosphere where learning is accelerated and your staff becomes

productive quickly. Use 2 proven strategies that will get a new hire busy fast and a system

that will double rebookings

 On-going Growth and Team Management: working with current staff to create a

great team culture. Dealing with challenging employees, modifying bad behavior and

learning the key phrases to use in management communication to get the results you want!

 Format: A presentation with detailed class handouts, audio and video presentations using a computerized projector system, interactive survey and group feedback using the attendee’s smart phones and question & answer workshop oriented topics with on-going question and answer periods.

 Educators: Fred Dengler and Andy Rieck Resumes and photos available

 Please call us with any questions.  Order our Staff Up! CD with this class, interview and compensations ideas and an Employee Policy Manual!

MIKAL Corporation 513-528-5100 800-448-5420


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