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Summer Marketing Ideas

Don't let your summer sales slow down. Make the most of your marketing!

Here are some of the most effective ideas salons and spas are using right now to increase sales and make more money. Are you spending your marketing time and dollars effectively?

Idea 1 – Get your top 100 customers to get you 500 more top customers

Run a list of your top 100 customers (Mikal Customer Ranking report) and give them each five $20 gift certificates to give to their friends that have never been to your salon/spa. This makes the customer look like a hero to their friends and imagine if you could get 500 MORE top customers from your top 100 customers!

Use real gift certificates that will look like gifts purchased by your best customers to give their friends. Just ask them not to give the certificates to their friends that already come to your salon/spa.

Idea 2 – Use work of mouth advertising

With the referral contest the hot item this year is (what ever your clients are excited about in electronics). Put it in the waiting area with a sign that says CUSTOMERS - who ever sends the most new customer referrals to us by (set the contest to end in 60 or 90 days) WINS this _____!! Have your Social Media blast it out, use Mikal Campaigns to promote the contest, post the leaders! Put a sign at the front desk and have referral cards for your customers to take and pass out.

More to come.....

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